Things to do in Seychelles

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Victoria Market

Victoria Market

Officially known as Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria Market is literally the centre of Victoria, Seychelles. Originally built in 1840 and later renovated in 1990. Its architecture is a blend of the old colonial design with a touch of present, contemporary Seychelles culture. Victoria Market is the go to place to buy local fruits and vegetable. You can also buys a multitude of tropical spices and colourful freshly catch fishes daily.

Victoria Market typically opens from 4am to around 4pm depending on the size of the crowd. Victoria Market Car park is the closest parking facility , also locally known as the “Car Park Taxi Pirate” because of the large amount of un-licensed taxi stationed there.

Victoria Hindu Temple

The Victoria Hindu Temple

Consecrated in May 1992, Arulmigu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, locally known as the Victoria Hindu Temple. It is one of the main attraction of Victoria. Arulmigu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple is located on the Quincy Street, next to the Victoria Market Car Park. It is the only Hindu temple in Seychelles. Since 1999 it has Ganesha as the presiding deity. The Taippoosam Kavadi Festival has been performed there since 1993. This Festival has gained massive popularity as a national festival. Consequently as from 1998 the government has declared it to be a holiday for Hindus.

Seychelles National Botanical Garden

Seychelles National Botanical Garden

Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, is locally known as the Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens. First established in 1901 by Mr. Paul Evenor Rivalz Dupont. Most importantly, it is one of the oldest Seychelles National Monument, dating back to more than a century. It covers an area of over 5 acres. Large variety of endemic and exotic and medicinal plants can be found on its ground. It also houses one of the largest colony of land Tortoise on Mahe.

Entrance Fee: SCR100

Takamaka Bay Rum Distillery

Takamaka Bay Rum Distillery

Takamaka Bay Rum Distillery is house in an old Colonial house at La Plaine St. Andre. La Plain St Andre was built in 1792 and was best known for its cinnamon and patchouli distilleries. The d’Offay family now owns and run by . They make the universally known Takamaka Bay rum.

The gardens also house a variety of medicinal plants, herbs and tropical fruits.

You can also enjoy their Creole Cuisine restaurant. They serves the freshest goods from their garden along with daily catch from local fisherman.

End your day with a rum tour along with the memorable rum tasting experience.

Reservation needed.

Getting Around in Seychelles

The most convenient way of getting around on Mahe or Praslin is by Car Hire. There are over 100 car rental companies on Mahe and Praslin. Prices on Praslin can be slightly more expensive than on Mahe. Some of the major companies have offices at the airport, but if you want a more personalised experience its best to go with the smaller online company. In general, they will deliver your vehicle to your hotel or guesthouses. Driving is done on the left side of the road, and you should be attentive and careful when driving as the roads are quite steep and narrow with extremely sharp bends.

Taxis are also available and are preferred for short trips or whole day charters. But keep in mind that a 1 hour trip can cost you as much as 1 day car rental. For full or half-day rentals be sure to agree on the price before beginning your journey. At the end of the day it may work out cheaper to hire a small car than to take a taxi.

For those with a plenty of time on their hands, the public bus service operating both on Mahe and Praslin. It offers travellers a cheaper option to see the islands. There is a flat rate of SCR7 regardless of the length of your journey (SCR12 for air-conditioned bus). Bus schedules are available from the tourist office or can be found at the main bus terminal in Victoria. The service on Praslin is not as extensive but is still a good way of getting around.

There are no public buses on La Digue. The best way to see the island is by bicycle. Most hotels and guesthouses offer bike rental and you can expect to pay around SCR100 per day.

Seychelles International Airport


Seychelles International Airport

Getting to and From the Airport (Mahe)

Most big hotel or tour company provides shuttle service. Getting to and from the airport can be a quite expensive. Taxis are readily available at the airport but they are know to be expensive. Expect to pay around €30-€50 one way to Victoria and the Ferry Jetty and about €50-€70 to Beau Vallon area. It’s best to agree on a price for your journey before setting off.

Private Airport Transfer is also quite popular for individual or groups. Groups on no more than 4 persons can book a private transfer Services. The rates is around €35-€70. This apply to any destination on Mahe. Groups of over 4 persons can expect to pay between €50-€100. Online booking, before arrival is always advisable to secure the best rates and for better availability.

For travellers going to the Ferry Jetty, there is a shared shuttle service to and from the Ferry Jetty in Victoria. This service is available if your flight arrives at least 2 hours before the scheduled ferry departure time. Buses leaves 1 hour before the ferry departs. The return shuttles depart from the Ferry Jetty after each ferry arrival. Journey time is usually around 20-30 minutes. For anyone wishing to make use of the airport transfer, the following fees will apply – Adult: €10 each way / Child: €5 each way / Infant: No charge.

By far the cheapest way to travel to and from the airport is by public bus. Bus service operate from 05:30am to 19:30pm. There are departures to Victoria every 20-30 minutes. Fares start from only SCR7 but be warned, drivers will not let you board the bus with anything larger than a daypack, let alone your luggage.